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not your average digital support business.

*we support offline too

for the not-so-average business owner.

what is digital
business support?

allow me to explain...

We support startup businesses and passionate entrepreneurs with all things digital (online). Think

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all things admin

Admin & Virtual Assistant Support

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operations & systems

Getting your sh*t in order

Open For Business

all things digital

Website, Socials, CRM ...

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when to know you're ready for help

As a small business owner, it is soooo hard to hand over the reins to someone else - I'll be the first to hold my hands up and say, I am that person too!!


But to grow, you need to be putting your time and effort into the areas of your business that benefit from your input.

Social Media

If you love social media - Fab; carry on! But most biz owners I know waste so much of their time trying to work out what to post, that by the time they get a chance to post it, it's going out at totally the wrong time for their audience. Not just that though; are you looking at your analytics every month to see what is resonating with your audience? I'll guess and say, No!


Stop! There's no reason for you to still be doing admin tasks that take up so much of your time for little to no reward - Imagine being able to put that time else where such as into profit-generating areas! Winning!


Tasks that fall into this remit can be anything of your choosing - whatever currently makes you want to pull your hair out or has you sat up till gone 12 trying to get it finished. 


Do you still use spreadsheets for everything because the prospect of new tech is so daunting? Don't let that hold you back - I can carry out research for the best option for you and even get it fully implemented and provide training on it - you'll wish you found me sooner! 

And what about your website? Do you update it regularly? It's so easy to forget about it, yet it's probably the first place a potential new client will look

Sound like we're a good fit? Don't hesitate, get in touch today.

industries we support

Ultimately we can support any business that has some sort of online presence. Website, social media channels, CRM hosted in the cloud? 

Then you're our type of client. 

But that's not it.  We also support a number of clients that have always been 'offline' but are ready to take that next step into the digital/online world.  This can be a particularly scary and daunting move, but we will work with you to get you up and running in no time.

Industries/Professions that we have supported include:

  • Photographers

  • E-Commerce startups

  • Marketing agencies

  • Advertising agencies

  • Financial advisers

  • Not for profits

  • Beauty Salons

  • Fitness Instructors

  • Luxury clothing startup

  • Hairdresser

Don't see your profession on the list? Get in touch to see if we're a good fit.

who is she?

so glad you asked.

I'm Zoe - self-confessed admin geek, 90s obsessed, jack of all trades (Master of many 😉).  From a business perspective, I'll mostly give anything a go once - from a personal perspective I'm a supersensible rule-following introverted extrovert (I know! Make it make sense!)

My passion is helping other enthusiastic business owners thrive. Whether that is building brand awareness online to generate raving fans for your business,  or helping with your business operations.  I love nothing more than seeing you succeed and knowing I had a small helping hand.

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case studies

A little showcase of client projects that we have undertaken

read the blog

Regular insights into the ins and outs of all things digital

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