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Admin & VA Packages

As a professional administrator and virtual assistant, with over 18 years of experience, I offer a range of services to help businesses and individuals streamline their operations and manage their tasks efficiently. My services include:

Calendar Maintenance

Keep your schedule organised and your appointments on track with my calendar maintenance services. I can help you manage your calendar, schedule appointments, and send reminders as needed.

Data Entry

Efficient data entry is crucial for any business. I offer fast and accurate data entry services to help you keep your records up-to-date and organised.

Client Onboarding Tasks

Bringing on new clients can be a time-consuming process. Let me handle the onboarding tasks so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Ordering, Packaging and Sending Gifts to Clients

Show your appreciation for your clients with personalised gifts and packaging. I can help you select the perfect gifts and handle the ordering and sending process.

Ordering Supplies

Keep your business stocked with the supplies you need to operate efficiently. I can help you place orders, track deliveries, and manage inventory.

Making Travel Arrangements

From booking flights and hotels to coordinating transportation and activities, I can handle all aspects of your travel arrangements to ensure a smooth and stress-free trip.

Form Preparation

Save time and ensure accuracy with my form preparation services. I can help you create and fill out forms for various purposes, such as contracts, invoices, and more.

Creating and Updating SOPs

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) help ensure consistency and efficiency in your business processes. I can help you create and update your SOPs to reflect your current operations.

Project Management

Keep your projects on track and organised with my project management services. I can help you plan, execute, and complete projects on time and within budget.

Organising G Drive Files

A cluttered G Drive can be a major hindrance to productivity. Let me help you organise your G Drive files for easy access and better efficiency.

Brainstorming Ideas

Need some fresh ideas for your business? I can help you brainstorm and generate new ideas to take your business to the next level.

In addition to these services, I offer a range of virtual assistant services to help you with tasks such as email management, social media management, and more.


If you're in need of any of these services, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm here to help you streamline your operations and achieve your business goals.

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